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WVU Extension Service,Hancock Co.
104 N. Court St.#203
P. O. Box 457
New Cumberland, WV 26047

Phone 304-564-3805/3807
Fax 304-564-5047

Office hrs: Mon-Fri 8:30-4:30
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Your Extension Office in Hancock County is, in effect, a West Virginia University “mini campus” providing a wide array of services and information. Think of it as WVU’s front porch -a place to gather informally to learn the things you need to know. Things like “How can I improve my heart health?” “My child is struggling with reading, is there anything I can do?” or, “What is eating my garden?”

How to Use This Website

This site is a door to a world of information, not only from the Hancock County Extension Office, but from the experts at WVU.

In the sidebar to the left you will find links to pages within this site with answers to your questions about 4H, the Master Gardener Program, Farmers Markets, and the Community Educational Outreach Service (CEOS.) You can also read the latest edition of Hancock County Happenings, our quarterly newsletter, access a calendar of upcoming events, and contact the office via email.

The right sidebar holds links to related WVU Extension pages where you can explore these programs, and others, in more depth.

2016 Plant Sale Flyer

The Tri-State Area Master Gardeners annual plant sale will be held on Saturday, May 7


Hancock County Happenings Now Available by e-Mail!

Just a reminder that signing up to receive the Hancock County Extension newsletter (Hancock County Happenings) via e-mail has a number of advantages for you, the reader.

You get to see it first. As soon as the newsletter is ready to print, the e-letter is ready to send. There is no waiting for the actual printing process, the folding, the stuffing, the sealing, labeling, and stamping, all of which can take up to two days before the publication even gets to the post office!

It’s easier to read and comes in color! As much as we love our printing press (and we do!) there are some things it just can’t do. Printing crisp, clear, photos in full color is one of those things. By subscribing to the e-letter, you get to see all the photos the way they were meant to be viewed. Even the print is sharper and easier to read.

You’ll be helping the environment. Let’s face it – Hancock County Happenings is fascinating, but that won’t stop you from kicking it to the curb once you’ve finished reading it. Getting it via e-mail eliminates paper waste; if you are one of the people who save each and every issue, it takes up a lot less room in a computer file than a shoe box.

All you have to do in order to get your e-letter days before those who stick with regular mail, and start enjoying the benefits, is to send an e-mail with “Hancock County Happenings” in the subject line to We’ll add your name and e-mail address to the mailing list and you’ll start getting the e-letter with the very next issue!